Titusville and Playalinda Rocket Viewing Areas

Launch Viewing and Planning

Our top picks of viewing locations for rocket launches were compiled by all of us for Space Coast Launch Ambassadors. The rocket viewing locations are far and spread throughout the Space Coast of Florida. 

Please remember when attending a rocket launch in Florida that you bring water and snacks as the launch may not  always happen at the scheduled time. 

We will be adding to the website surrounding convenient amenities for your awareness at a later date.

Launch Viewing Directions to the right --->    

Directions to Titusville and Playalinda Viewing locations


Max Brewer Bridge

Playalinda Beach

Kennedy Point Park

Rotary Riverfront Park

Sand Point Park

Space View Park

William Manzo Memorial Park

The KSC Banana Creek and KSC Launch Complex 39 Observation Gantry launch viewing areas are paid areas, only supported for some launches, not all.  

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