Julia - Co-Founder

Julia Bergeron

Child of the Space Shuttle Era and transplant to the Space Coast, Julia was inspired to start Space Coast Launch Ambassadors after watching her first launch with her daughter. 

As a volunteer at the Sands Space History Center, she shares the history of Cape and how America has gone from our first steps toward the Moon to where we are now with Commercial Crew. Space Coast Launch Ambassadors began as an idea to share the history of our space program and how it connects to the launch that viewers on the coast are experiencing. 

Julia's favorite part of space exploration is the excitement of launch day and watching the moments of wonder that will inspire someone to learn more and reach for their dream. 

Seth - Co-Founder

Seth Kurkowski

Software engineer, amateur launch photographer, and space exploration advocate. Seth is one of our founders and came up with the idea of Space Coast Launch Ambassador’s after the Parker Solar Probe launch where he found out how much he enjoyed walking around SR 528 explaining to people where to look, what to expect, and why it matters. 

Seth’s favorite part of space exploration is how it brings humanity together and has a way to erase borders between nations. 

Jon - COO / Website Director

Jon Van Horne

Montreal born, Florida grown. Father of two, multimedia content creator and, soon, an engineering student. Jon is a Space Shuttle Program child use to watch launches from his back yard growing up in Florida. After a long US hiatus in Canada, Jon returned to the Space Coast to follow his dreams in engineering and media. 

Jon's favorite part of the space program are all the new discoveries, questions, science and technology that are brought to us in exploring & expanding our knowledge.